Cardiovascular risk screening for individuals with serious mental illness.


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a significant health risk for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI). Screening for CVD risk factors is a key strategy to reduce this health disparity. This study examined medical, lifestyle, and access predictors for comprehensive screening. Data on 1036 adults were analyzed from the 2015 National Health Interview Survey. Multivariate multinomial logistic regression was used to examine factors associated with individuals with SMI receiving CVD risk screening in the past 12 months. The presence of a metabolic disorder (diabetes or high cholesterol), increased age, increased outpatient visits, and seeing a primary care provider, either alone or in conjunction with a specialty care provider, were significantly associated with receiving all screening measures. Increasing provider awareness of additional CVD risk factors is an essential step to improving early detection of health risks for individuals with SMI. Integrated health settings that combine traditional primary care and mental health services may reduce the health disparity for this population by increasing odds of early detection and ongoing monitoring for high-risk populations.


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